Welcome to Perth Amboy Christian Center

"The PAC Center" Building Healthy Families

We’re glad that you have come to visit our online family webpage. Our focus is to help build healthy families through a strong relationship with Christ as foundation.

The PAC Center is a fully bilingual congregation located in the heart of Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Our main focus is to build healthy families by helping them build upon a strong relationship with Jesus Christ as their foundation. We have different expressions of how we make that goal a realization on a weekly basis. For example, we have fully bilingual (Spanish and English tracks) services and classes during our family gatherings on Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays. This includes our discipleship and School of Ministry. “The Gathering” is an English only expression of our commitment that targets youth and young adults in which English is their main language, this is an all inclusive and holistic approach. All of our ministries, although different, work together to minister to the needs, improvement and well-being of the family. The PAC Center is a place where there is a sense of belonging, personal significance, personal relationships, personal development, personal rewards, and, personal accountability. The PAC Center is a place to grow and become as you start and continue your spiritual journey.